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Family Income Protection

We provide your family financial security

Do you agree that everyone is looking for:

Quality lifestyle of our family
Best education available for our children
Provide our parents a peace of mind retirement life.

Above are the objectives that make us motivated & work hard every single day. Do the best today and have a better future.

But what if? We are not fit to work anymore due to sickness, injury or decease. What is your family financial future? What’s their life will be by loosing your income stream or the worst….loosing you?

We help you to pre-plan a series of financial security to secure your family financials when incident happens, and expenses increase while income decrease.


Income Protection
Recovering Funds
Malaysia Medical Funds
Global Medical Funds
Guaranteed Education
Debts Cancellation

Asset Protection

We reinstate your asset


Mileage Base Car Insurance
Telematic Car Insurance
Cash Rebate Car Insurance
Home Protection Program
Mobile Gadget Protection Program

Wealth Accumulation

We build your wealth


Children Education Planning
Retirement Planning

Estate Planning

We ensure your love inherits for generations


Simple Estate Distribution Planning
Generations Estate Distribution Planning
Increase Value of Estate
Global Asset Planning


We help your business continuity


Partnership Risk Management
Comprehensive Asset Protection
Company Car Insurance
Cyber Protection
Shipment Protection
Construction Protection
Liability Protection
Professional Indemnity

Employee Benefits

We ensure your staff welfare


Employee Insurance Benefits
Key Personnel Global Insurance Protection

Tax Exempted Account

We save your tax


Tax Exempted Interest Bearing Account